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ABOUT | the Kurzweil library + its collections

Tracking the acceleration of intelligence.

This library catalogs the advances in tech, science, and knowledge that are shaping tomorrow. Our website is published by Ray Kurzweil — the inventor, best-selling author, and futurist. And our collection explores themes from his landmark non-fiction books.

The idea of accelerating intelligence is from his writings.

the first definition is  ~  steadily increasing our abilities, to craft our future.
the second definition is  ~  the clock of civilization is speeding-up.

Today we’re able learn faster than ever before — and we have better, easier access to fundamentals + know-how. Swift changes are happening in society. Burgeoning opportunities for abundance promise to solve global problems — but we also have to manage more complex situations.

Aspects of the library.

The Kurzweil library is an ongoing digest  —  featuring hand-picked stories + resources. We follow progress in the science + tech landscape. This official website is also home to the permanent collections of writings + commentary by Ray Kurzweil.

We also present his lifetime of pioneering work in electronics + computer innovation. And we maintain his bibliography of books — and a full collection of Ray’s press + appearances. Plus historical tours of his inventions + celebrity collaborators.

A map of the collections.

  • the Kurzweil library
  • books  ~  by Ray Kurzweil
  • writings  ~  by Ray Kurzweil
  • Ray Kurzweil  ~  lifetime of innovation
  • Ray Kurzweil  ~  press + appearances


TOPICS  |  in the library

We collect note-worthy trends, breakthroughs, products, discoveries, resources, and projects about:

  • the marketplace + innovation
  • the government + defense

  • the city of tomorrow
  • the community of tomorrow
  • the machines of tomorrow
  • good future

  • digital web + communication
  • digital arts + entertainment
  • digital lifestyle
  • digital education

  • tech-assisted medicine
  • tech-assisted exploration
  • tech-assisted manufacturing
  • tech-assisted finance
  • tech-assisted discovery science

  • design in the material world
  • design in the organic world

  • smart home
  • smart devices
  • smart mobility

— contact  —

requests for the library

fan letters to Ray Kurzweil readers@KurzweilTech.com
help for newsletter help@KurzweilTech.com
permissions requests permissions@KurzweilTech.com

requests for Ray Kurzweil

interview requests interviews@Kurzweilai.net
writing requests writing@Kurzweilai.net
public speaking requests speaking@Kurzweilai.net

— address —

Kurzweil Technologies co.
935 Great Plain Avenue
no. 111
Needham, MA 02492 • US

tele | 781.263.0000

— team —

  • Ray Kurzweil  ~  publisher
  • Nanda Barker-Hook  ~  communications
  • Sarah Black  ~  library editor
  • Kamil Pelka  ~  web tech
  • Ken Linde  ~  web tech


the Kurzweil family of companies • CURRENT

— support for customers —

This lists provides help for products made by legacy companies founded by Ray Kurzweil.

1. |

Kurzweil Music co.

product: digital keyboards
web: homesupport

2. |

Transcend Longevity co.
brought to you by Ray + Terry’s

product: nutritional supplements
web: homesupport

3. |

Kurzweil Education co.

product: educational software for disabilities
web: homesupport

also see

Cambium Learning grp.

product: educational software for disabilities
web: homesupport

4. |

Kurzweil and the National Federation of the Blind

product: text-to-speech app for mobile smart-phone
web: homesupport

This product is an award winner.

winner: Golden Apple Award
presented by: Apple Vis
for: The best Apple co. tools for blind + low vision people.

the Kurzweil family of companies • HISTORIC

Blio co.

product: e-reader software + e-book library
currently: in transition

Kurzweil Computer Technologies co.

product: text-to-speech software
currently: integrated into products at Nuance co. by Microsoft

Kurzweil Applied Intelligence co.

product: speech-to-text software
currently: integrated into products at Nuance co.

Financial Accelerating Transactions by Kurzweil Adaptive Technologies co.

product: financial investment software service
currently: fund for select investor

for education  |  Singularity University

— about —

This is the statement about SU and its purpose and mission and offerings.

bio | Ray Kurzweil  ~  co-founder + Chancellor
bio | Peter Diamandis MD  ~  co-founder + Director

for philanthropy  |  the Kurzweil Foundation

The foundation awards scholarships to people with blindness + low vision.


— creative projects —

project: Cyber Art Technologies — by Kurzweil

tool: Two smart software programs that use AI to craft human-like pieces.
makes: digital art + poetry

project: Ramona • the virtual girl — by Kurzweil

creation: A digital rock star + clever chat-bot.
makes: a singing avatar + fun automated conversations

— film projects —

film title: the Singularity Is Near
deck: A true story about the future.
film-maker: by Ray Kurzweil
year: 2010

film title: Transcendent Man
deck: A documentary on the life + ideas of Ray Kurzweil.
film-maker: by Ptolemaic Productions
year: 2009

BULLETIN | on privacy

Dear readers,

Please be assured that our e-newsletter + website comply with the data protection + privacy act from the European Union — called the General Data Protection Regulation.

The data we collect for our e-newsletter subscription is: e-mail address. We never share your data — and we don’t sell our lists. We sometimes send readers notes about our projects, within our family of companies.

If you signed-up to get our e-newsletter, you agreed to receive our e-mails. But if you’d like to un-subscribe, please see instructions here.

Thanks for visiting.

library editor

— reference —

background from Wikipedia:

about ~ the European Union
about ~ the European Commission
about ~ the General Data Protection Regulation

note: the European Commission | data protection

— notes —

SU = Singularity Univ.
US = United States

GDPR = the General Data Protection Regulation

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