forewordfor the book | Exponential Organizations :: vol. 2

by Ray Kurzweil
June 1, 2023


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book title: Exponential Organizations — vol. 2
deck: The new playbook for 10x growth + impact.
author: by Peter Diamandis MD
year: 2023

book title: Exponential Organizations — vol. 1
deck: a
author: by Peter Diamandis MD
year: 2014

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foreword |

by Ray Kurzweil

An introduction.

It’s been a privilege and pleasure working alongside entrepreneurs Peter H. Diamandis MD and Salim Ismail. We co-founded Singularity grp. together — 15 years ago.

We provide leaders, thinkers, and doers with solid advice to strengthen their projects — by using today’s fast-paced tech. We introduce you to a brilliant community of fellow achievers — and give you access to niche experts across fields. To grow your company, your team, your product, your outreach, your social good — and your own personal goals.

Singularity grp. was built on the shared conviction that our world’s grand challenges can be met using the lever of exponential tech.

Our purpose is to educate, inspire, and empower leaders — teaching them to apply innovation to humanity’s biggest crises. It’s been fulfilling to mentor Peter and Salim — and watch them help shape our collective future.

Riding the waves.

We’re at a critical juncture in human history. Our sciences, tech, and know-how are evolving at an increasingly accelerated pace. This period is characterized by waves of advancements that are converging — and growing exponentially.

It’s a transformative landscape, defined by diverse and potent tech —  artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, augmented + virtual reality, sensors, vast networks, the cloud, micro + macro scientific tools, space exploration, bio-medical therapies. It harbors immense potential for creativity, bright new thinking, and impact.

An opportunity-rich tomorrow.

As a futurist and inventor  — I’ve spent my life at the leading edge of breakthroughs. I learned fast how to tap burgeoning tech capabilities to succeed in business — and help society. We can improve our lives. I believe in an opportunity-rich tomorrow, where people thrive. The concepts in Exponential Organization embody my own thinking.

And this updated book sequel — titled Exponential Organizations 2.0 — distills core tenets. It talks about the importance of a Massive Transformative Purpose (or MTP). It lists 10 attributes that power organizations to be better — not just incrementally better — but 10x more capable.

Data collected after the 1st book was released in year 2014 paints a striking picture. Organizations using the book’s model show a 40-fold increase in Total Shareholder Returns, compared to those that don’t.

In this playbook, you’ll explore case studies that demonstrate the model’s powerful potential for both start-ups and established corporations. The model fosters growth and scalability. So the book is a blueprint for business excellence — and global problem solving.

It explores a set of principles that take-on systemic world crisis — poverty, employment, social inequality, inclusivity, education, resource scarcity, sustainability, unstable peace, energy, environmental degradation, health-care access, and pandemic.

.Our society is increasingly volatile and complex — the book’s guidelines are essential. We believe  every corporation can be a functional, healthy, exponential organization — an ExO. At the nexus of tech, purpose, and impact.

Dive into this good book with your passion + curiosity. The ExO model is a framework for prosperity, equity, enterprise, and human potential.


The future of books… Introducing “RayK”

Since 2012 I’ve been a director of engineering at Google.  In that role, one of the projects I lead is called “Talk to Books” which was first introduced to the public in April 2018.  “Talk to Books” demonstrates the potential of natural language processing, allowing a user to explore a large volume of books using a conversational, natural language interface. You simply pose a question or make a statement, and the system will search over 100,000 volumes to find sentences in books that respond to your input. Rather than relying on keyword matching, “Talk to Books” uses machine learning to understand the semantic content of the user’s input and to generate responses that are relevant in meaning.

In a similar fashion, Salim and Peter have built a Generative AI that allows you to query their book Exponential Organizations 2.0, and soon over  600 case studies that the book is based upon. I love this idea that books are now evolving into living and interactive bodies of knowledge.

I am honored that Peter and Salim have named their Generative AI Interactive Book “RayK” in my honor.
As an example, you can ask RayK, “I’m a company offering these services, and I’m wondering how I can best implement interfaces or crowd/community?” Or a question like “I’m a shipping company in Europe, delivering grain around the world, what technology breakthroughs might disrupt my business?”  Or, a question like, “I’m an XYZ business, what technology breakthroughs can I leverage to scale my business?”  Or, “I’m a dentist, how do i turn my practice into an ExO?”

I hope you’ll use RayK to make the most of this amazing body of work.

You can access RayK here…. (URL)

Wishing you an abundant future,
Ray Kurzweil


about |

name: Ray Kurzweil
bio: A pioneering inventor, best-selling author, and futurist.

bio: Principal Researcher + AI Visionary
bio: fmr. Director of Engineering
at | Google

bio: co-founder
at | the Singularity grp.